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Beef MuttBall Package

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Type: Dog Food

Beef is one of the popular choices, it's the original MuttBall that started it all. We use real farm-raised beef, full of protein to help support strong muscles and a healthy heart. No antibiotics, no GMO, no preservatives. Dogs just love the taste of real beef. 


Lean beef (no external hormones or antibiotics); organs (beef liver & heart); fresh fruits and vegetables (carrots, yams, apples, bananas, red cabbage, parsley); brown rice; lentils; oatmeal; whole eggs; sunflower oil; flax seeds; calcium; flaked yeast engevita; zinc; lecithin; vitamin E; homemade broth (bottled spring water, with a touch of raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar)

Feeding Instructions: 

It is recommended to feed 1 MuttBall per 10 pounds of your dog's weight. For the MuttBall Minis, the recommendation is 3 Mini balls per 10 pounds of you dog's weight. This only applies if you were to feed the MuttBalls as a primary meal. MuttBalls can be used as a treat, and is intended for adult dogs (at least 1 year in age). 

The weight of each Mini is approximately 34g, whereas the weight of a regular sized MuttBall is approximately 96g. 


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