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Frequently Asked Questions


1. How much MuttBalls should I feed for a primary meal?

This is the recommendation for regular sized MuttBalls and Mini MuttBalls. It is recommended 1 MuttBall per 10 lbs of your dog's weight. For the MuttBall Minis, approximately 3 MuttBall Minis would equal to 1 regular sized MuttBall


2. What is your delivery area?

Our delivery area covers all of Toronto, and parts of Greater Toronto Area (GTA). GTA includes: Brampton, Mississauga, Newmarket, Scarborough, Markham, Thornhill, Hamilton (some areas), Richmond Hill, and Vaughan. If you do not live in one of the areas listed above, please contact us. If you do live in one of the areas listed above and your cart was not working when you put your postal code in, please contact us to get that resolved. 

See Our Delivery Area Map:

3. What are your pick-up locations?

If your order is less than $90 or you are outside of our delivery zone, you can pick-up your Muttballs from our head office or facility or these 6 other locations:

- Hello Pets Inc, North York
- Dogtopia Applewood, Mississauga
- 3522 East Main Street, Fort Erié
- 356 Hersey Crescent, Bolton
- 4 Dicarlo Drive, Maple
- 93 Brigade Drive, Hamilton

See Our Pick-up Locations Map:

4. What do I do when I get my MuttBalls?

Put them in the freezer immediately. They have a long shelf life in the freezer.  Take out the MuttBall(s) that you want to feed for the next day, very important to thaw them overnight in the fridge. The MuttBalls should be consumed within 3 days if it's left thawed in the fridge.

5. What is the size of a Regular MuttBall and the size of a Mini MuttBall?

See visual for the measurements:

6. Do I feed it as a treat?

For the majority of our customers, the MuttBall is the primary nutrition for the dog. In this case, it is 1 MuttBall per 10 lbs of your dog's weight per day. We have other customers that use the MuttBall to supplement their meals, or use it as a snack or treat. On average, the MuttBall is about 220 calories.

7. Do you have a puppy diet?

No, the MuttBalls are designed for adult dogs that are at least 1 years old. When the puppy is at least one year old, you can start to give them MuttBalls as a primary meal, but not before. You can feed the MuttBalls as a treat as long as they are eating their puppy meal. The MuttBalls should not be substituted for the puppy meal.

8. How should I feed my dog a MuttBall?
When you are ready to feed your dog the MuttBall(s), take out the ones you want to use and thaw them in the fridge overnight.

Many of our customers pop them in the microwave for 10-15 seconds on high, and then test with their finger to ensure the temperature is just right (no one wants to run the risk of burning their dog's throat). Some of our larger doggos skip this entirely and eat it frozen.

The MuttBalls should be consumed within 3 days if it's left thawed in the fridge. Many of our customers start by feeding the MuttBalls as a treat, to slowly introduce new food to their dog's diet, then gradually start making it part of their primary meal. We found that this is the best way as well!
9. My dog is eating kibble. Can I introduce MuttBalls, how would it work?

If it’s a puppy, refer to the puppy question where it should only be given as a treat. In all cases a new food should be slowly introduced over time.

10. I want to order less than $90.00 plus HST. How do I do that?

Orders below $90 can be picked up from one of our locations, by appointment only. You can place an order for pick up on our website, and we will contact you to schedule the time.

Another option, order from our distribution partners if you would like to order less. Click on PET SHOPS on our website to see a list. 

11. What are your Covid-19 procedures?

All production trays, counter surfaces, and utensils are cleaned after every production run. Gloves and masks are worn at all times. Packaging bags are not re-used, we start with a clean one at all times. No one is allowed to visit the kitchen, only the individuals that are making the MuttBalls. 

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