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Pablo the Dog

Pablo was an actual dog, and the inspiration behind the company Pablo The Dog. Pablo was a rescue dog that needed physical and emotional nurturing, and, nourishing. Pablo immediately became a member of the family. The owners were distraught about the idea of feeding any member of the family a 100% processed diet and learning that the majority of “dog food” found at pet stores was de-natured, full of by-products and preservatives. With the goal of finding a solution, Pablo’s owners took matters into their hands.

After much research and experimentation was conducted on nutritional diets for dogs, in consultation with a reputable canine nutritionist, an approved recipe for MuttBalls was developed. As a result of the research and various trials, MuttBalls, a handmade, high quality complete nutrient food was born, using the highest quality products, free from preservatives and external hormones. Pablo loved his food and lived years longer than his veterinarians had predicted, especially after undergoing major surgery. These were years Pablo would likely not have had if he had been eating traditional “dog food”.

With the passing away of Pablo and the unforeseen death of one Pablo’s owners, and founder of the company, the surviving spouse found it emotionally and physically difficult to continue the operation; yet, believing the product was too beneficial, she desperately wanted the company to continue.

Along came Rocket

Rocket, a boxer bull dog mix of approximately one to one and a half years old was rescued from a high kill shelter the day before he was scheduled to be put down. Rocket immediately won the hearts of his owners, who were also of the mindset that a member of the family deserves a non-processed diet that is complete with the required nutrients, from sources free of preservatives and antibiotics.

Rocket was exhibiting signs of malnutrition, weighing in at 42 pounds, although his spirit was that of a lion. Rockets parents were looking for a raw food product or a baked product that was a “complete meal”, and, in fact were going to create their own recipe.

As luck would have it, Rocket’s mom was told about Pablo, and the unfortunate circumstances of the founder. After testing the product, and Rocket’s immense liking to MuttBalls, Rocket’s owner, along with her business partner purchased the company to ensure the continuation of a great product. Nearly ten months later, Rocket is a healthy boy in tip top shape, weighing in at 72 pounds, with high spirits and an affinity to run and play, and, shows his love to the people around him.

Company History

Your Ultimate Pet Products Corp. (YUPP) is a young and growing company. Established in 2018 with the intention of providing products that are of high quality and free of preservatives to pet owners. The owners of the company are animal loving individuals.

When Pablo The Dog was conducting a search for a new home, Pablo The Dog and YUPP both came together knowing it was a perfect fit for each company. Pablo The Dog was looking for a new home and YUPP was searching for a product with credibility and a solid history.

The original goal of Pablo The Dog was to produce healthy and sustainable food for dogs using a unique recipe developed by them. YUPP recognized and related to this. YUPP’s philosophy is that a healthy and happy dog is directly impacted by its diet.

YUPP’s goal is to produce the best possible product for your pet on a consistent basis, with loving care as it had been previously prepared by Pablo The Dog. Since September 2018, YUPP has been trained by the former owner of Pablo The Dog on all aspects of the production and delivery of MuttBalls to its customers. Ana, the former owner has entrusted YUPP to continue the legacy of what she, and her late husband, built with Pablo The Dog.

Our Mission & Vision

Vision:  To become one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of quality pet products. Mission:  Maintain the highest quality products of pet food, with human-grade meats, fruits, vegetables, whole grains, vitamins and minerals.

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